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Overhand throwing mechanics

Hi Coaches -
In practice, how do your players warm up for overhand throwing? Using the usual breakdown of one knee drills, snaps, upper body without lower body, etc? When I played, that is the exact progression that we did and my career ended in 2007. This is still what I am doing when I warm up to throw, but I know there are more current methods that I need to use to develop our New Jersey (& NY, PA) players. College programs have changed their overhand warm ups, so we need to evolve to prepare our athletes for higher competition.

This is partially a discussion on what we do and partially to plug the overhand throwing clinic that Austin Wasserman will host at The Atlantic Club in December. There is a coaches' session for $50 in which he will go over his methods for overhand warm ups, arm strengthening and development of proper overhand mechanics. I am really looking forward to this and hope to see a lot of NJ coaches there!!!
Click here to find out more: Austin Wasserman Higher Level Throwing at The Atlantic Club 12/21, 12/22
- Meg Hennessy 732-292-4372
The Atlantic Club Softball


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